06/02/2020 in Announcements

What We Believe

We periodically commission a confidential survey of our grant partners to determine what they think about working with us.  The feedback is extremely helpful.  One comment that was echoed with some frequency in our survey last year was a degree of uncertainty about the Foundation’s top priorities and our approach to addressing them.  After extensive thought and discussion, we developed this statement of What We Believe.  It is also on our website as an ongoing guide to grant seekers with additional information about how we work and what we fund.

We are acutely mindful that issuing this statement now is especially timely because we emphasize three issues, including fighting inequality and promoting racial equity. The searing events of the past few weeks across America, including in Cleveland, underscore the necessity of addressing these issues.  We also call out climate change and threats to democracy as issues of paramount importance as we seek to contribute to the sense of community that is needed to make progress.

We hope you will read and consider What We Believe.  We hope you will reflect on why we have elevated these priorities and that you will engage with us in a constructive dialogue, even if you disagree with some or all of it.  And, of course, if you share our view, then join us to build the stronger, healthier, more just future that all of us need and deserve.