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Climate and
Environmental Justice

We support the use of Cleveland’s unique environmental history and leadership, especially regarding water, to advance a healthy and sustainable future. In particular, we focus on projects and policies that contribute to the fight against climate change. Linked to every aspect of life, climate change increasingly threatens human lives. We support organizations led by and serving communities of color and others who historically have been underrepresented and are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We support organizations that develop and advocate for public policy on climate change and to advance clean energy, transportation, water and air. We invest in organizations that work to mitigate climate change by promoting sustainable land use, creation of accessible green spaces in Cleveland, and environmental justice—the ability of all to live in a safe and healthy environment.


Program Director,
Climate and Environmental Justice


Awarded Grants

Bike Cleveland Cleveland, Ohio Operating support. $180,000 over 2 years

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