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Identity Guidelines

Area of Isolation

Clear Space

The space around The George Gund Foundation logo should be free from other text and graphics. The recommended area of isolation is the designated clear space around the logo, represented by the gray area in the diagram below.


When placing the logo, a minimum of 0.5 X should be maintained on all sides, where X = the width of two lines of the logo.

Gund logo area of isolation

Size and Legibility

Minimum recommended height for logo = .3125″

Logo Application

Guidelines for Logo Application

The George Gund Foundation logo can appear either all black (positive) or white (negative).


The logo can appear in either positive or negative form, ensuring that sufficient contrast is available to make the logo legible.

Correct Logo Usage

  • Maintain the area of isolation.
  • Do not add any marking signatures.
  • Ensure adequate contrast.
  • Maintain the shape and proportions of the logo.
  • Use the logo without distortions, such as outlines or shadows.
  • Do not reproduce the logo on a heavily textured background.
  • Download the logo directly from The George Gund Foundation website to ensure high quality reproduction.


Primary Typeface

The George Gund Foundation typographic style relies on one primary typeface: Calibre

This typeface is used for corporate applications such as the letterhead, business cards, collateral materials, and signage. In addition, digital and print advertising should utilize the same type family.