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We promote a vibrant, diverse and thriving arts community in Cleveland that enhances learning, strengthens pride of place, creates an emotional connection to our environment and deepens the impact of opportunities for those who might otherwise be denied them. We seek to balance support among Cleveland’s legacy institutions and smaller emerging organizations that reflect the full breadth of our culture and neighborhoods. We promote equity by helping to fortify organizations led by and serving people of color who have been historically underrepresented. We support the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s plan to help students realize their full creative and intellectual potential through rich artistic experiences. And we encourage integrating the creative thought, energy and inspiration that art can spark into the civic dialogue and sense of community that are needed to make progress on the complex issues that confront us.

Program Director,
Creative Culture and Arts


Awarded Grants

Arts Cleveland Cleveland, Ohio Research on public funding for arts and culture. $25,000
Front Exhibition Company Cleveland, Ohio Fellow at Cleveland Public Library and supporting programs. $150,000 over 2 years

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