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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2019: Birthing Beautiful Communities

2019 Annual Report
Birthing Beautiful Communities

View the photographs by Deana Lawson
View the Board Chair’s letter
View the President’s letter
View the financial statements

2018 Annual Report: Refugees and Immigrants

2018 Annual Report
Refugees & Immigrants

View the photographs by Fazal Sheikh
View the President’s letter
View the Executive Director’s letter
View the financial statements

2017 annual report

2017 Annual Report
Arts as Political Activism

View the photographs by Accra Shepp
View the 2017 interactive report

2016 Annual Report
Public Spaces

View the photographs by Matthew Pillsbury
View the 2016 interactive report

2015 Annual Report
The Cleveland Plan: Changing Minds

View the photographs by Lisa Kessler
View the 2015 interactive report

2014 Annual Report
Biking Experience

View the photographs by David Burnett
View the 2014 interactive report

2013 Annual Report
Urban Farming

View the photographs by Greg Miller
View the 2013 interactive report

2012 Annual Report
Cuyahoga River

View the photographs by Jeff Whetstone
View the 2012 interactive report

2011 Annual Report
Planned Parenthood

View the photographs by Rania Matar
View the 2011 interactive report

2010 Annual Report
Performing Artists

View the photographs by Amy Arbus
View the 2010 interactive report (Adobe Flash Required)

2009 Annual Report
Lake Erie

View the photographs by Lynn Whitney
View the 2009 interactive report (Adobe Flash Required)

2008 Annual Report
Early Education

View the photographs by Sage Sohier
View the 2008 interactive report (Adobe Flash Required)

2007 Annual Report
University Circle

Photographs by Garie Waltzer
Download the report in PDF format

2006 Annual Report

Photographs by Mark Steinmetz
Download the report in PDF format

2005 Annual Report
Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Photographs by Geoffrey James
Download the report in PDF format

2004 Annual Report
Ohio City

Photographs by Thomas Roma
Download the report in PDF format

2003 Annual Report
Hard Hatted Women

Photographs by Andrea Modica
Download the report in PDF format

2002 Annual Report
Industrial Landscape

Photographs by Andrew Borowiec

2001 Annual Report
Metroparks System

Photographs by Barbara Bosworth

2000 Annual Report
Free Clinic

Photographs by Nicholas Nixon

1999 Annual Report
Urban Landscape

Photographs by Douglas Lucak

1998 Annual Report
Cleveland School of the Arts

Photographs by Larry Fink

1997 Annual Report
Lake Erie

Photographs by Frank Gohlke

1996 Annual Report
Urban Gardens

Photographs by Gregory Conniff

1995 Annual Report
People Working

Photographs by Lee Friedlander

1994 Annual Report
Art Institutions

Photographs by Linda Butler

1993 Annual Report

Photographs by Dawoud Bey

1992 Annual Report
Public Schools

Photographs by Judith Joy Ross

1991 Annual Report
Cuyahoga River

Photographs by Lois Conner

1990 Annual Report

Photographs by Micheal Book