06/28/2016 in Announcements

The George Gund Foundation’s 2015 Annual Report Available Online

Gund Foundation 2015 Annual Report

The George Gund Foundation’s 2015 interactive annual report features a photo essay on the progress of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools, and it is now available on the Foundation’s website. 

Award-winning photographer Lisa Kessler captured the inspiring but still inadequately recognized change that is happening in public schools in Cleveland.  Kessler wrote in an accompanying statement that what she witnessed deeply affected her.  “Being in these schools in Cleveland made me love school again,” she wrote.  “A place where ideas and personalities fly around, and where it’s okay to be ourselves.”  Foundation Executive Director David Abbott amplifies that sentiment in his annual letter and briefly describes the 11 schools that Kessler visited, which are only some of those being overhauled under The Cleveland Plan.

Geoffrey Gund, the Foundation’s president, offers observations on the nature of this year’s presidential campaign as the Republican National Convention prepares to meet in Cleveland.  In particular he decries the demonization of government at a time when government is needed as a credible partner in order to meet many dire challenges.

The report also includes guidelines and procedures for applying for grants, a financial statement and a list of grants made during 2015.