04/24/2007 in Announcements

Richard A. Shatten Professional Staff Leadership Award Greater Cleveland Partnership Now Accepting Nominations

The Richard A. Shatten Professional Leadership Award, established this year, recognizes professional individuals who exhibit the same traits and passion for moving the region forward through public-private partnerships.

The winner, who will be selected by a committee chosen by the Greater Cleveland Partnership and the Richard Shatten Family Foundation, will be honored during the dedication of the Richard A. Shatten Memorial Board Room in the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s new offices, 100 Public Square, this summer.

The nominated individual should have:

  • At least 10 years of experience serving as a key staff member in a Northeast Ohio public, civic, charitable, private or non-profit organization;
  • Significant experience staffing public-private partnership projects or initiatives designed to improve the vitality of Northeast Ohio from an economic, environmental, educational or social perspective;
  • Demonstrated success in personally bridging the knowledge gap between respective private and public sectors on specific projects or issues;
  • The ability to support and guide leadership in their efforts to advance major projects in the community and to provide collateral leadership in the same endeavors;
  • Communication abilities that constantly enhance the best practices in public-private partnerships;
  • A dedication to individual ethical responsibilities in the governmental and non≠profit sectors;
  • A clear passion for Northeast Ohio;
  • A desire to know as much as possible about every issue where they are professionally engaged; and
  • A desire to teach and nurture others in the skills required to successfully lead public private partnerships.

Individuals who meet the criteria for eligibility can be nominated using this form. Entry deadline is Friday, May 18, 2007. You may e-mail the completed form to Jan Estes at jEstes@GCPartnership.com.

More information about the award can be found on the website of the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

About Richard A. Shatten
Richard A. Shatten’s twenty-year professional career in Cleveland encompassed experiences in the private and non-profit sectors, as well as in academia. Throughout that time, Richard helped to invent, and then demonstrate a set of skills that embodied the development of a new way of advancing bold ideas in our nation: the public-private partnership. He did so, very characteristically, behind the scenes. He knew that ultimate and sustained success of any program or any new idea, depended on an exciting and well executed launch that lay leaders from all sectors embraced from the beginning.