06/24/2022 in Announcements

Our commitment to reproductive freedom and justice

The George Gund Foundation has supported reproductive rights since its founding in 1952. Today, as those rights are stripped by the U.S. Supreme Court majority, we reconfirm with renewed fervor our steadfast commitment to reproductive freedom and justice, our support for those on the front lines of this battle, and our deep concern for all those directly impacted by this decision, particularly those persons of color already struggling to access equitable treatment in our health care system and those without the resources to access any remaining safe and legal abortion care.

We share the anger, sorrow, and frustration of those who care deeply about this loss to women, to all people, of bodily autonomy and the ability to choose one’s future. We know with certainty that today’s decision is far from the end of the fight. The George Gund Foundation stands today and every day with those health care providers, advocates, and millions of Clevelanders, Ohioans, and Americans who have fought this fight with courage and compassion for decades past and who we know will continue this fight in the decades to come.