01/10/2012 in Announcements

Gund Foundation Switches to Online Application

Applicants to The George Gund Foundation are now required to use an online application that can be accessed from the Foundation’s website.

It is hoped that the online system will be more efficient for both grantees and the Foundation.

Applicants are encouraged to read the Grant Application Guide and Frequently Asked Questions under the “How To Apply” section of the website before beginning their application. Applicants with questions should contact the Foundation at Help@GundFdn.org or 216–241–3114.

Refugees & Immigrants
Northeast Ohio Correctional Center, Youngstown, Ohio. A privately-owned detention facility, the center is situated down a road away from public land and surrounded by barbed wire. Security teams are tasked with evicting trespassers. Though the facility has a capacity of only 260, it recently increased the number of undocumented detainees captured along the southern Mexico-US border to 350.