10/01/2004 in Announcements

Foundation Launches New Website

The George Gund Foundation has launched a new website, www.gundfoundation.org, to provide up-to-date information to the nonprofit community about the Foundation’s priorities and interests.

The site features a searchable database of all grants made since 1997 as well as current guidelines and procedures, links to helpful resources for nonprofit organizations, staff contact information and Foundation-related news. It also includes images from the photographic essays that have been featured in our award-winning annual reports.

Refugees & Immigrants
Northeast Ohio Correctional Center, Youngstown, Ohio. A privately-owned detention facility, the center is situated down a road away from public land and surrounded by barbed wire. Security teams are tasked with evicting trespassers. Though the facility has a capacity of only 260, it recently increased the number of undocumented detainees captured along the southern Mexico-US border to 350.