04/23/2007 in Announcements

Evaluation Exchange Features Advocacy Evaluation

Alliance for Justice tools offer useful tips

An article by Marcia Egbert, senior program officer at The George Gund Foundation, and Susan Hoechstetter, foundation advocacy director at the Alliance for Justice, is featured in the Spring 2007 edition of The Evaluation Exchange, a Harvard Family Research Project periodical. 

In the article “Evaluating Nonprofit Advocacy Simply: An Oxymoron?” Egbert and Hoechstetter offer nine principles to guide advocacy evaluation. These recommendations are based on the Alliance for Justice’s groundbreaking 2005 publication, “Build Your Advocacy Grantmaking: Advocacy Capacity Assessment & Evaluation Tools,” the first of its kind for nonprofit advocacy. Since then, the field of advocacy evaluation has expanded, with multiple evaluation models now available. Through their nine principles, Egbert and Hoechstetter seek to remind evaluators of the principles of simplicity, flexibility and grantee participation.

Click here to access the article and read about the nine principles.

The Alliance for Justice website is www.afj.org