05/08/2012 in Announcements

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Report Details Impact of Public Funding

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC) has released its 2011 Report to the Community that outlines the broad impact of public funding on Cuyahoga County’s arts and culture sector.

In 2006, Cuyahoga County residents passed a cigarette tax that since 2007 has provided more than $80 million to support arts and cultural programming offered by almost 200 organizations.

The Report focuses on CAC’s work in strengthening community in Cuyahoga County by:

  • Investing in our local economy. CAC-funded organizations spend more than $286 million each year, including more than $140 million in salaries for 8,710 workers. And, for each $1 CAC invests in arts and culture, $19 is put back into Cuyahoga County’s economy.
  • Supporting education. CAC-funded organizations serve more than 1.2 million school-aged children, offering field trips for 23,000 students, and classes and workshops for more than 396,000 residents.
  • Enhancing our quality of life. CAC-funded organizations serve more than 6.4 million visitors each year, with 55 percent of those visits free of an admission charge. And, more than 17,000 volunteers help bring arts and culture to an even greater audience.