06/26/2019 in Careers

The George Gund Foundation announces search for senior program officer

The George Gund Foundation is pleased to announce that it is seeking applications for a Senior Program Officer for Economic Development, Community Revitalization and Democracy Building. The Foundation has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to lead the search process. The position profile with relevant details is attached. Please share the profile with potential applicants and encourage their consideration of it.

Refugees & Immigrants

United States Customs and Border Patrol, Sandusky Bay Station, Ohio. In 2015, a suit filed in court by two organizations representing migrant farmworkers alleged border patrol agents in the area targeted individuals for traffic stops, questioning, and apprehensions based upon their Hispanic appearance. In 2017, in the case of Muniz-Muniz v. United States Border Patrol, the Sixth Circuit Court determined insufficient evidence to support the claims.