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Greg Miller effectively used his 8 x 10 view camera to document the vitality, activity and pride that are so evident on Cleveland’s growing number of urban farms. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, he moved to New York at the age of 19 to study at the School of Visual Arts where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. His work, which uses street photography, found moments and portraiture to capture human relationships and a sense of suspended reality, has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times Magazine, Esquire and LIFE and is widely collected and exhibited both in the United States and abroad. Miller, recipient of a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowship, teaches photography at the International Center of Photography in New York and conducts workshops at several venues including Maine Media Workshops.

The Organizations

The Foundation would like to thank the Ohio City Farm, Rid-All Green Partnership and Stanard Farm staff, clients and volunteers for their assistance in making the photo essay in this report possible.


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