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Rania Matar’s evocative portraits of Planned Parenthood clients and staff illustrate not only the critical role Planned Parenthood clinics play in providing affordable reproductive health care for women but also the Foundation’s long-standing interest in ensuring access to quality health care for all. Matar, who trained as an architect in her native Lebanon and at Cornell University, worked in architecture before becoming a full-time photographer whose work focuses mainly on women and women’s issues. She also teaches documentary photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and to teenage girls in Lebanon’s refugee camps during the summer. The award-winning photographer, who has exhibited widely both in the United States and internationally, has published a book of her work, “Ordinary Lives,” and recently released a monograph featuring teenage girls from different backgrounds, “A Girl and Her Room.”

Planned Parenthood

The Foundation would like to thank the patients, staff and volunteers of Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio for their openness and assistance in helping to illustrate the vital role the organization plays in meeting community needs and providing access to quality health care.


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