Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Download  Frequently Asked Questions (PDF version). 

Please refer to the Grant Application Guide link before completing the Online Grant Application.

Who can apply?
To request a grant, your organization must be a federally tax-exempt charitable organization on file with the IRS, a governmental unit or agency, a local education agency or a library. If you do not know your IRS classification, please log on to GuideStar.

My 501(c)(3) has a pending status; do I qualify to receive a donation?
No. The Foundation is only able to provide funds to organizations determined by the IRS as tax exempt.

Is there a deadline for submitting our application?
Proposals are considered three times a year by the Foundation’s Trustees. Deadlines for submitting proposals for consideration at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Trustees are March 15 (for summer meeting), July 15 (for fall meeting) and November 15 (for winter-spring meeting). Proposals are due the next business day if a deadline falls on a weekend.

Does the Foundation require a Letter of Inquiry?
No, but the Foundation encourages inquiries about the application of our funding guidelines to specific ideas in advance of the submission of formal proposals.

How long will it take for the Foundation to review my proposal?
Proposal review takes place in the period between proposal submission and the next scheduled meeting of the board which is generally about three months.  In some cases, proposals may be deferred to the next docket. You will be notified if your proposal is being deferred.

How much money should we request?
To gauge the appropriate size of a request, check the Foundation’s list of recent grants to see the range of projects and amounts awarded. We rarely fund 100 percent of a project budget. You should be able to show that you are seeking other sources of funding. Other sources might include foundations, corporations, individuals, community groups or others.

What kind of budget information should we include?
You should provide a project budget that includes anticipated expenses, including details about how Foundation funds will be used and anticipated income, including information about other sources approached for funding. We also would like to see your organizational budget both for the current year and the proposed project year(s) showing both income and expenses. Your most recent audited financial statement should also be included.

What else should be included in my proposal?
Include information about your organization, its history, mission, any current organizational issues, types of programs offered and constituencies served.  Also provide a detailed description of your project including justification of need, specific goals and objectives, activities planned to meet goals and objectives, project time line, qualifications of key personnel, methods of evaluation.

May we apply for multi-year funding?
We do provide multi-year funding in some cases.

Can I get a copy of the online application form?
You will be able to print a copy when filling out the online grant application form. Click on the “Printer Friendly Version” link in the top right hand corner of each application page.

Do I have to complete the application in one online session?
No, you can start the application and save it to finish at another time. By clicking on the “Save and Finish Later” button at the bottom of each application page.

Is my application automatically saved once I create an account?
No, your application is not saved automatically. To ensure no application data is lost, please click on the “Save and Finish Later” button at the bottom of each application page.

How do I return to an incomplete application that I saved but have not yet submitted?
Once you create an online grant application account, you will receive an e-mail notification that includes the e-mail address and password required to access your saved application.

Where do I forward my online proposal?
Once the application is completed online, click the “Review & Submit” button at the bottom of the last page of the application to submit your application electronically. Once your application has been submitted, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that was used to create your online grant application account.

May I send the application directly to a Gund Foundation representative or another contact at Gund?
No, beginning January 1, 2012, The George Gund Foundation will only accept applications online.

If I want to mail a copy of my request for review, to whom do I address it?
Please do not mail any grant requests. Only online applications will be considered.

When will I be contacted about the status of my proposal?
After you submit your application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. After an initial review, you may be contacted to provide additional information. Communications will occur via e-mail, phone call or letter. After the Foundation reviews your application, you will receive notification indicating whether your grant request has been approved or declined.

Do I need to have cookies enabled on my internet browser?
Yes, online applications place a cookie on your computer to enable the “Save and Finish Later” functionality. Please check the user’s manual for your internet browser to enable cookies if you receive an error message.

What if I have questions?
E-mail your questions to

How should I notify Gund if my e-mail or mailing address changes after I submit my online application?
E-mail to let us know. Be sure to provide the name of your organization and the old address information in the e-mail.

Once an application has been submitted, can it be retrieved, edited or deleted by the applicant?
No. Once submitted, an application cannot be modified. We strongly recommend typing your answers into a word processing program such as Word. Carefully proofread your responses and then cut and paste the text into the online system. If your application was submitted in error or you do not want it considered, please contact us. We will remove if from our system on your behalf.