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2004 Environment » Conservation of Natural Systems and Biodiversity

  • Buckeye Forest Council, Inc.$30,000Columbus, Ohio
    Operating support.

  • Chagrin River Land Conservancy$50,000Novelty, Ohio
    CRLC is a land trust focused on conserving the Chagrin River watershed and its tributaries. For outreach and technical assistance to other lands trusts in Northeast Ohio. Contact: Richard Cochran (440.729.9621)

  • Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc.$35,000
    over 2 years
    Willoughby, Ohio
    Operating support.

  • Cleveland Botanical Garden$60,000Cleveland, Ohio
    Development of cooperative conservation programs with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Cleveland Zoo.

  • Cleveland Zoological Society$90,500
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    The Cleveland Zoological Society is the nonprofit support entity for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the ninth oldest zoo in the country and home to over 600 species, 116 of them endangered. This grant will go towards continuing efforts by the zoo to enhance the operation of its conservation programs, as well as increase public awareness, through such initiatives as the development of a survey and lecture series about the zoo’s involvement with conservation. Contact: Elizabeth Fowler (216.635.3342)

  • Consultative Group on Biological Diversity Inc.$8,000San Francisco, California
    The CGBD is a national affinity group of foundations focused on biodiversity conservation. General support. Contact: Lynn Lohr (415.561.6575)

  • Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization$5,000Cleveland, Ohio
    Investing in Healthy Streams for Healthy Communities symposia.

  • Grand River Partners, Inc.$30,000
    over 2 years
    Painesville, Ohio
    GRP conducts land conservation to protect the Grand River in Northeast Ohio. It also coordinates the Grand River Partnership, a consortium of 30 organizations working to protect the Grand River. General support. Contact: Chuck Ashcroft (440.375.7310)

  • Heartwood, Incorporated$15,000Bloomington, Indiana
    Operating support.

  • Medina Summit Land Conservancy$25,000Medina, Ohio
    This grant will go towards a data assembly and a process that will map and identify priorities for a master plan for MSLC’s conservation program in Medina and Summit Counties. The project will assemble information on existing protected sites, unique features and ecosystem elements for conservation, as well as coordinate with current partners’ priorities. Contact: Chris Bunch (330.722.7313)

  • National Audubon Society$110,000
    over 2 years
    New York, New York
    This grant will support the Ohio Audubon chapter’s Bird Conservation Plan, and site conservation planning and implementation for Important Bird Areas in Ohio. Contact: Jerome Tinianow (614.224.3303)

  • National Wildlife Federation$50,000
    over 2 years
    Reston, Virginia
    The Corps Reform Network is a coalition of over 100 national, state and local organizations. It seeks ways to improve the environmental performance of the US Corps of Engineers. This grant is for work in the Ohio River and Lake Erie watersheds. Contact: Tim Eder (734.769.3351)

  • Nature Conservancy$70,000Arlington, Virginia
    For the planning, site mapping and partnership development for conservation of migratory bird stopover sites in Western Lake Erie. Contact: John Anderson (312.759.8017x15)

  • Ohio Parklands Foundation$40,000Westerville, Ohio
    Ohio Greenways project.

  • Ohio River Foundation$56,000
    over 2 years
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Technical assistance and policy coordination for grassroots watershed conservation organizations in the Ohio River basin.

  • The Regents of the University of Michigan$5,000Ann Arbor, Michigan
    For a Northeastern Ohio case study as part of a book on regional open space planning and conservation. Contact: Donna Erickson (734.763.1577)

  • Rural Action, Inc.$40,000Trimble, Ohio
    Sustainable Forest Economies Project in Appalachian Ohio.

  • Tinkers Creek Land Conservancy$25,000Twinsburg, Ohio
    The Tinkers Creek watershed encompasses approximately 100 square miles south and east of Cleveland, and is the largest sub-watershed of the Cuyahoga River. This grant will be used for a study to map the watershed, identify sites of high ecological value, and develop plans for a concerted effort to protect the most important elements of the ecosystem. Contact: Marion Olson (330.425.4159)

  • Trust for Public Land$50,000San Francisco, California
    Ohio field office operating support.

  • West Creek Preservation Committee$45,000
    over 2 years
    Parma, Ohio
    Operating support.

2004 Environment » Environmental Journalism/Public Education

2004 Environment » Green Buildings, Sustainable Business and Renewable Energy

  • City of Cleveland$114,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Start-up support for a sustainability program for the City of Cleveland.

  • Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization$60,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    The Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization (CRCPO) is a shareholder-based organization focused on restoration of the Cuyahoga River. This grant will provide funding for the initial planning, outreach, and development of the Cuyahoga/Lake Erie Environmental Restoration Technology Enterprise Center (CLEERTEC), an effort to establish the Cuyahoga River as a center of restoration technology. Contact: Jim White (216.241.2414)

  • The Enterprise Foundation$100,000
    over 2 years
    Columbia, Maryland
    Green Communities Partnership for green affordable housing in Cleveland.

  • Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities, Inc.$20,000Coral Gables, Florida
    National funders directory and conference on green buildings.

  • Green Energy Ohio$15,000Columbus, Ohio
    This matching grant will support a 100 foot tall wind data collection tower atop the 50 foot tall Cleveland “Crib,” an offshore structure that serves as the city’s water intake. The test tower is the first step in determining the viability of using wind power in Northeast Ohio, an area that is considered to be a potential site for wind power. Contact: William Spratley (614.985.6131)

  • Institute for America's Future Inc.$66,080Washington, DC
    Apollo Project analysis of adapting existing manufacturing capacity in Northeast Ohio to the growing renewable energy market.

  • Oberlin Design Initiative$25,000Oberlin, Ohio
    ODI will advance adoption of green building principles into downtown development in Oberlin, Ohio. Contact: Michael Roche (440.776.0209)

  • Rocky Mountain Institute$100,000
    over 18 months
    Snowmass, Colorado
    Regenerative Development Zone creation in the Cuyahoga Valley.

  • Shorebank Enterprise Group Cleveland$92,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Entrepreneurs for Sustainability.

  • Western Reserve Historical Society$29,460Cleveland, Ohio
    ‘Big and Green’ is a 3,000 square foot traveling exhibit created by the National Building Museum that portrays examples of how green building techniques have been applied to large buildings and other mega-structures. This temporary exhibit will be premiered in partnership with and in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Ohio Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Contact: Patrick Reymann (216.721.5722)

2004 Environment » Health Protection

2004 Environment » Protection of Human Health

  • Beyond Pesticides$50,000Washington, DC
    Pesticides exposure reduction in Greater Cleveland schools.

  • Buckeye Environmental Network$40,850Grove City, Ohio
    BEN provides information, technical and organizing assistance statewide to disadavantaged communities on local toxics threats. General support. Contact: Teresa Mills: (614.871.1353)

  • Buckeye Environmental Network$1,500Grove City, Ohio
    Consultant review.

  • Earth Day Coalition$120,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Sustainable Communities Partnership to assist Cleveland neighborhoods with environmental issues.

  • Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund$122,000
    over 2 years
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Good Neighbor Program on toxic source sites.

  • Ohio Environmental Council$8,000Columbus, Ohio
    Grant funds will be used for publication of contaminated fish consumption advisory information to at-risk communities in the Lake Erie Basin. Contact: Vicki L. Deisner (614.487.7506)

  • Our Lives Count Inc.$8,000Leavittsburg, Ohio
    Regional Environmental Assistance and Coordinated Help project.

  • St. Clair-Superior Coalition$80,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    SCSC is a Cleveland neighborhood-based organization near downtown Cleveland. This grant will assist them in addressing an array of local environmental quality issues including industrial toxics sources. Contact: Diane Swander (216.881.0644)

2004 Environment » Smart Growth

  • American Farmland Trust$74,000
    over 2 years
    Washington, DC
    Ohio office operating support.

  • Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Conservancy$80,000
    over 2 years
    Peninsula, Ohio
    The CVCC is creating new, sustainable farmsteads in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Contact: Darwin Kelsey (330.657.2532)

  • EcoCity Cleveland$65,000Cleveland, Ohio
    ECC provides a range of planning, education and advocacy programs on a sustainable Cleveland bioregion including open space preservation, urban redevelopment, transportation reform and smart growth. General support. Contact: David Beach (216.961.5020)

  • EcoCity Cleveland$50,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    The EcoVillage project is developing an ecologically sustainable community on the west side of Cleveland. This project is a partnership with Detroit-Shoreway Community Development Corporation. Contact: David Beach (216.961.5020)

  • Ecological Design Innovation Center$80,000
    over 2 years
    Oberlin, Ohio
    Northeast Ohio Foodshed Network.

  • The Environmental and Energy Study Institute$40,000Washington, DC
    Promoting Sustainable Clean Energy and “Energy Smart” Smart Growth.

  • Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities, Inc.$7,500Coral Gables, Florida
    Operating support.

  • Ohio & Erie Canal Corridor Coalition, Inc.$50,000
    over 2 years
    Akron, Ohio
    OECCC provides a range of technical assistance to trail and greenway development on the Ohio and Erie Canal Corridor. General Support. Contact: Dan Rice (330.434.5657)

  • Ohio to Erie Trail Fund$5,000Columbus, Ohio
    To assist trail planning for this statewide trail. General support. Contact: Edward Honton (614.451.8776)

  • Slavic Village Development$18,000Cleveland, Ohio
    Slavic Village Development is a neighborhood-based community development corporation with programs focusing on housing, retail and commercial development, recreation, parks, and other amenities contributing to a livable community. Kingsbury Run is the stream that runs from Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights to the Cuyahoga River. This grant will fund initial planning for the Kingsbury Run Greenway Project, an urban ecological initiative that aims to clean and restore the Kingsbury Run Valley as a commun

  • Western Reserve RC&D, Inc.$48,060Painesville, Ohio
    Center for Farmland Preservation in Northeast Ohio.

  • Western Reserve RC&D, Inc.$61,885Painesville, Ohio
    Countryside Program.

2004 Environment » Special Programs

  • Cleveland Botanical Garden$8,500Cleveland, Ohio
    Strategic planning for outreach programs. Contact: Brian Holley (216.721.1600)

  • The Cleveland Green Building Coalition, Inc.$5,000Cleveland, Ohio
    For the Sustainable Communities Symposium 2004. SCS 2004 is a multiday gathering of sustainability projects in Northeast Ohio. Contact: Wendell Robinson (216.961.8850)

  • Environmental Fund for Ohio$76,000
    over 2 years
    Columbus, Ohio
    Operating support.

  • Environmental Support Center, Inc.$30,000Washington, DC
    For programs assisting nonprofit grassroots environmental organizations in Ohio. Contact: James Abernathy (202.331.9700)

  • Institute for Conservation Leadership$104,780
    over 2 years
    Takoma Park, Maryland
    Great Lakes Leadership Development Program workshops.

  • Land Trust Alliance, Inc.$40,000Washington, DC
    Technical assistance and training for land trusts in Ohio.

  • League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, Inc.$75,000Washington, DC
    LCVEF will conduct nonpartisan voter identification and education to encourage pro-environment voters to participate in the fall elections. A component of this is part of a national college “get out the vote” effort. Contact: Marnie Urso (216.281.4077)

  • National Wildlife Federation$5,950Reston, Virginia
    Clean Water Network’s Clean Water Week conference.

  • Ohio League of Conservation Voters Education Fund$100,000
    over 2 years
    Columbus, Ohio
    Operating support.

  • Ohio League of Conservation Voters Education Fund$5,420Columbus, Ohio
    Voter education initiative.

  • Ohio PIRG Education Fund Inc.$50,000Columbus, Ohio
    This intern program will identify, train and place college students in environmental advocacy organizations in Ohio. Contact: Erin Bowser: (614.460.8732)

  • River Network$90,000
    over 2 years
    Portland, Oregon
    Training and technical assistance for grassroots watershed conservation groups in the Lake Erie and Ohio River basins.

  • River Network$8,000Portland, Oregon
    Travel fellowships for grassroots leaders from the Ohio and Lake Erie watersheds to the 2004 River Rally in Virginia. Contact: Don Elder (503.241.3506)

  • Rockefeller Family Fund, Inc.$1,900New York, New York
    This grant will provide operating support to the Environmental Grantmakers Association. Contact: Sarah Hansen (212.812.4260)

  • Rockwood Leadership Program$26,887Berkeley, California
    This grant will support third leadership training for social change leaders in Northeastern Ohio. Contact: Jennifer Cobb (510.524.4000x105)

  • Rural Action, Inc.$4,000Trimble, Ohio
    Citizen Environmental Monitoring training for Ohio volunteers.

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2004 Human Services » Emerging Needs

2004 Human Services » Meeting Basic Needs

2004 Human Services » Reproductive Health

2004 Human Services » Special Programs

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