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2003 Economic Development and Community Revitalization » Economic Development

2003 Economic Development and Community Revitalization » Employment and Training

2003 Economic Development and Community Revitalization » Housing and Community Revitalization

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2003 Economic Development and Community Revitalization » Neighborhood Revitalization

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2003 Economic Development and Community Revitalization » Urban Design, Planning & Amenities

2003 Education » Higher Education

2003 Education » National Education Policy

  • The Public Agenda Foundation$25,000New York, New York
    ‘Experiencing Opportunity and Success in Higher Education,’ a study of young adults.

  • The Rand Corporation$50,000
    over 2 years
    Santa Monica, California
    Establishment of Voucher and Charter School Information Clearinghouse.

2003 Education » Primary and Secondary Education

2003 Education » Special Programs

2003 Environment » Conservation of Natural Systems and Biodiversity

  • Alaska Conservation Foundation$50,000
    over 2 years
    Anchorage, Alaska
    ACF is a leader in assisting grassroots organizations with environmental protection and conservation in Alaska. General support. Contact: Deborah Williams (907.276.1917 or

  • American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums$40,000
    over 2 years
    Silver Spring, Maryland
    There are 22 endangered butterfly species in the U.S., and six in Ohio. AZA will coordinate and assist the Ohio Butterfly Conservation Initiative-a six-zoo (Cleveland, Toledo, Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati Zoos, and The Wilds) collaborative to restore the butterfly habitat at The Wilds and conduct coordinated public education on butterfly conservation at each zoo. Contact: Sydney Butler (301.562.0777)

  • Buckeye Forest Council, Inc.$30,000Columbus, Ohio
    BFC is a state leader in Ohio on forest conservation on public lands. Its programs include the State Forest Protection Program, and specific efforts on Wayne National Forest and Dysart Woods. General support. Contact: Susan Heitker (740.797.7200 or

  • Chagrin River Land Conservancy$250,000Novelty, Ohio
    This loan will assist CRLC’s Land Protection Fund in securing high quality properties to protect the Chagrin River watershed. Contact: Rich Cochran (440.729.9621 or

  • Chagrin River Land Conservancy$4,780Novelty, Ohio
    Workshop on private land conservation for lawyers and land trust leaders in Northeast Ohio. Contact: Rich Cochran (440.720.9621)

  • Cleveland Museum of Natural History$30,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    CMNH’s Natural Areas Program manages 3,450 acres in 26 sites in Northeast Ohio. These high biodiversity sites represent unique and rare habitats. This challenge grant (1:1) will help support additional staffing to manage these sites. Contact: Jim Bissell (216.231.4600 x 219)

  • Coast Alliance$15,000Washington, DC
    For CA’s technical assistance to grassroots organizations around Lake Erie, and related federal policy work. Contact: Dawn Hamilton (202.546.9554 or

  • Consultative Group on Biological Diversity Inc.$4,000San Francisco, California
    CGBD is an affinity group of over 45 foundations interested in biodiversity conservation. CGBD provides program research, coordination and meeting support. Operating support. Contact: Lynn Lohr (415.561.6575)

  • Firelands Land Conservancy$10,000
    over 2 years
    Oberlin, Ohio
    For a transition to staffed operations for this land conservancy on the west side of Cleveland. Contact: Kate Pilacky (440.774.4226 or

  • The Friends of Euclid Creek$20,000Lyndhurst, Ohio
    FOEC is a new all-volunteer group dedicated to supporting the Euclid Creek Watershed-23 square miles covering nine communities in Eastern Cuyahoga County. This grant will assist a watershed planning process that will address water quality, runoff and land use issues. Contact: Virginia Aveni (216.381.8433)

  • Great Lakes United$94,000
    over 2 years
    Amherst, New York
    GLU’s Habitat and Biodiversity Task Force continues to coordinate grassroots groups around the region, working on issues such as navigation system expansion and invasive species. Contact: Margaret Wooster (716.886.0142 or

  • National Audubon Society$50,000New York, New York
    This grant will support the Ohio Audubon chapter’s 20-year Ohio Bird Conservation Plan, and complete site conservation plans for Important Bird Areas in Ohio. Funds will also assist organization of NAS Ohio’s 21,000 members to better impact conservation policy. Contact: Jerome Tinianow (614.224.3303)

  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation$49,960Washington, DC
    NFWF annually provides over $29 million in federal funds for wildlife conservation nationwide. For development of a grantmaking program in Northeast Ohio. Contact: Don Waage (612.713.5173 or

  • Nature Conservancy$80,000
    over 2 years
    Arlington, Virginia
    TNC’s Ohio Chapter is leading the Western Allegheny Plateau conservation program encompassing 19.4 million acres in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Nineteen forest blocks and 36 aquatic sites have been identified for protection, and implementation will begin in 2003. Contact: Rich Shank (617.717.2770)

  • The Northeast-Midwest Institute$35,000Washington, DC
    This grant will provide support to assist policy development for the Great Lakes Protection and Restoration Initiative, an expansive multi-billion dollar program to protect the Great Lakes ecosystem. NEMWI will develop case studies of how other large-scale system plans (such as the Everglades) were developed.Contact: Allegra Cangelosi (202.544.5200)

  • Ohio Parklands Foundation$45,000Westerville, Ohio
    The Ohio Greenways Project provides education and promotion, technical assistance, policy and leadership on greenways statewide. Contact: Michelle Park (614.895.2222 or

  • Ohio River Foundation$32,000Cincinnati, Ohio
    ORF is dedicated to assisting local organizations in the Ohio River basin with education, technical assistance, monitoring and coordination on the Corps of Engineers permitting process. This grant will assist their basin-wide coordination efforts. Contact: Rich Cogen (513.460.3365 or

  • Rural Action, Inc.$40,000Trimble, Ohio
    RA’s Building Sustainable Forest Economies project focuses on plant protection in Appalachian Ohio via education and technical assistance. RA will partner with the Ohio chapter of The Nature Conservancy’s Western Appalachian Plateau ecoregional planning process. Contact: Colin Donahue (740.767.4938)

  • Shaker Lakes Regional Nature Center$80,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    For a range of educational and technical assistance projects for the protection of the Doan Brook watershed. Contact: Nancy King Smith (216.321.5935 or

  • Trust for Public Land$50,000San Francisco, California
    Operating support for TPL’s Northeast Ohio office. Contact: Chris Knopf (216.928.7518 or

  • Union of Concerned Scientists$35,000Cambridge, Massachusetts
    UCS will conduct research and policy education on reauthorization of the National Aquatic Invasive Species Act (NAISA). Contact: Phyllis Windle (202.223.6133 or

  • Water Watch of Oregon$50,000
    over 2 years
    Portland, Oregon
    WW promotes sound water policies and leads protection of instream flows in Oregon. General support. Contact: John DeVoe (503.295.4039 or

  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Council, Inc.$40,000Silver Spring, Maryland
    WHC promotes and assists corporations in restoring/enhancing unused land for wildlife habitat restoration. In partnership with the Cuyahoga Remedial Action Plan, The Cuyahoga Valley Partnership will assist habitat restoration in the Cuyahoga River Valley. Contact: Marcia Maslonek (412.777.2464 or

2003 Environment » Environmental Journalism/Public Education

  • Citizens Policy Center$35,000Cleveland, Ohio
    CPC’s Money and Politics program continues to gather and analyze data on campaign contributions in Ohio. This project includes journalist training on use of the CPC and state databases, as well as special analyses of contributions on specific issues. Contact: Catherine Turcer (614.263.4111)

  • Michigan State University$20,000East Lansing, Michigan
    The Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Program will provide a 5-day intensive training opportunity for up to 25 print and broadcast journalists in the Great Lakes region. Contact: Jim Detjen (517.353.9479 or

  • Michigan State University$20,000East Lansing, Michigan
    The Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training Institute will gather 25 print and broadcast journalists for an intensive five-day workshop on environmental issues in the Great Lakes region. Contact: Jim Detjen (517.353.9479)

  • The Regents of the University of Michigan$25,000Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The Great Lakes Radio Consortium reaches approximately four million listeners each month through 145 public radio stations in 20 states and Ontario. With this support, they will provide training to a network of journalists that provide environmental stories to the network. Contact: Mark Brush (734.764.9210 or

  • The Society of Environmental Journalists Inc.$7,500Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
    2003 conference travel fellowships for Ohio journalists. Contact: Beth Parke (215.884.8174)

2003 Environment » Green Buildings, Sustainable Business and Renewable Energy

  • Case Western Reserve University$44,750Cleveland, Ohio
    For costs associated with green design and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification of a new 59,098 square foot dormitory building. Contact: Kay Molkentin (216.368.6921 or

  • The Cleveland Green Building Coalition, Inc.$120,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    CGBC provides an array of public awareness, educational, professional training and technical assistance and policy work to advance green building in Northeastern Ohio, including work with public and private sector.

  • EcoCity Cleveland$5,900Cleveland, Ohio
    For strategic planning for the Green Building Coalition. Contact: Sadhu Johnston (216.623.0033)

  • EcoCity Cleveland$50,000Cleveland, Ohio
    The Green Building Coalition’s High Performance Schools Project will assist the Ohio School Facilities Commission in “greening” its Ohio School Design Manual-the “bible” for over $7 billion in school construction funds. GBC will also provide technical assistance to the Cleveland Municipal School District on green building design to assist the District’s 10-year, $1 billion program to renovate 59 and construct 52 new schools. Contact: Sadhu Johnston (216.623.0033)

  • The InterChurch Center$3,000New York, New York
    For the Collaborating for Success II: Creating and Operating Multi-Tenant Nonprofit Centers conference to be held in New York City. This conference will present workshops on a range of technical, financial and sociocultural issues involved in organizing and operating buildings shared by nonprofit organizations. Contact: Hans Vogel (212.870.2932)

  • Rockefeller Family Fund, Inc.$6,500New York, New York
    For a workshop on green buildings as part of the Environmental Grantmakers Association’s annual retreat in Ottawa. Contact: Sarah Hansen (212.812.4260 or

2003 Environment » Nonprofit Capacity Building

  • Center for Watershed Protection$6,400Ellicott City, Maryland
    Training scholarships for grassroots watershed leaders from Ohio. Contact: Thomas Scheueler (410.461.8323)

  • The Cleveland Green Building Coalition, Inc.$25,000Cleveland, Ohio
    The CGBC will, in partnership with the Tides Center, plan a conference with the working title “Collaborating For Success III” to be held in Cleveland in the spring of 2004. This conference (building on successful prior meetings in San Francisco and New York) will focus on the creation and operation of multi-tenant nonprofit centers-shared office facilities for nonprofit organizations. This conference will draw participants primarily from the Midwest. Contact: Melanie Kintner (216.961.885

  • Cleveland Metroparks System$7,500Cleveland, Ohio
    For development of a database to manage volunteer services. Contact: Vern Hartenberg (216.351.6300 x215)

  • Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization$5,000Cleveland, Ohio
    For the Northeast Ohio Environmental Collaborative to identify common interests and value added opportunities for grantees. Contact: James White ( 216.241.2414 or

  • EarthShare of Ohio$35,000Columbus, Ohio
    ESO now has 28 Ohio and 39 national and international environmental organization members, and raises funds from 53 workplaces statewide. General support. Contact: Paul Bingle (614.263.6367)

  • Institute for Conservation Leadership$5,000Takoma Park, Maryland
    For publication and distribution of the “Managing in Hard Times” a nonprofit organizational management manual focused on assisting groups in coping with economic downturns. Contact: Dianne Russell (301.270.2900 ext.2 or

  • Land Trust Alliance, Inc.$40,000Washington, DC
    LTA’s Midwest office will provide training and technical assistance to land trusts throughout Ohio, with emphasis on expanding support in Central and Southern Ohio. Contact: Renee Kivikko (269.324.1683)

  • League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, Inc.$50,000Washington, DC
    Funding will provide LCVEF with operating support for the List Enhancement Project and the SOAP Project (Sustainable Ohio Action Partnership) where participants are sent “action alerts” on legislative issues. These programs have provided a significant technological advance to assist grantees and others in collectively impacting environmental public policy. Funds will also support journalist “greenchats” and leadership training for local activists. Contact: Marnie Urso (216.281.4077)

  • Ohio & Erie Canal Corridor Coalition, Inc.$3,000Akron, Ohio
    Travel scholarships for participants from the Ohio and Erie Canal Heritage Corridor to participate in the 1st International Heritage Development Conference. Contact: Dan Rice (330.434.5657)

  • Ohio League of Conservation Voters Education Fund$50,000Columbus, Ohio
    General support for OLCV’s statewide coalition building and policymaker education activities. Contact: William Demora (614.481.0512 or

  • Rockefeller Family Fund, Inc.$1,900New York, New York
    This grant will provide operating support to the Environmental Grantmakers Association. Contact: Lee Wasserman (212.812.4200)

  • Shorebank Enterprise Group Cleveland$40,000Cleveland, Ohio
    Entrepreneurs for Sustainability (E4S) will network and provide small business development assistance to individuals who seek to start environmentally sustainable businesses in the Cleveland area. Focus areas for 2003–04 includes community building/awareness, education and business assistance. Contact: Holly Harlan (216.371.1177 or

  • Tides Center$14,000San Francisco, California
    The Rockwood Leadership Program will provide an intensive two-day workshop for up to 30 emerging and established leaders of the environmental community in Northeast Ohio. Contact: Jennifer Cobb (510.524.4000 x105)

2003 Environment » Protection of Human Health

  • Beyond Pesticides$6,000Washington, DC
    For public and policymaker education on toxic impacts and effectiveness of mosquito spraying for West Nile Virus in Northeast Ohio. Contact: Barry Zucker (440.442.1818 or

  • Center for Health Environment and Justice$30,000Falls Church, Virginia
    CHEJ assists grassroots toxics groups with organizing and technical assistance. It’s three major program areas are the Environmental Health Alliance, Alliance for Safe Alternatives and Child Proofing Our Community. This grant will support CHEJ’s program activities in the Midwest. Contact: Lois Gibbs (703.237.2249 or

  • Environmental Defense, Incorporated$7,000New York, New York
    For the Ohio advocacy portion of a national campaign to reduce antibiotic use in animal agriculture. Contact: Karen Florini (202.387.3500 x3318 or

  • Environmental Law & Policy Center of the Midwest$60,000
    over 2 years
    Chicago, llinois
    ELPC’s energy program will focus on assisting legal actions on New Source Review and coal fired power plants in Southern Ohio, and in ensuring that green power has equal access opportunities to the Midwest power grid. Contact: Howard Learner (312.673.6500)

  • Green Energy Ohio$30,000Columbus, Ohio
    GEO is a statewide technical assistance, education and advocacy entity working with utilities and communities to promote green power options. General support. Contact: Bill Spratley (614.985.6131 or

  • Music & Performing Arts at Trinity Cathedral, Inc.$5,000Cleveland, Ohio
    For a film documentary on the environmental hazards of the Hocking Valley coal fields. Contact: Valda Lewis (216.932.4304 or

  • National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides$4,000Washington, DC
    For the Ohio chapter’s Cleveland workshop “The Health Consequences and Efficacy of Pesticide Spraying to Control West Nile Virus.” Contact: Barry Zucker (440.442.1818)

  • National Wildlife Federation$70,000
    over 2 years
    Reston, Virginia
    Ongoing support for the Ohio portion of the NWF’s regional work on the reduction of contamination of the Great Lakes water sources by airborne mercury, a potent danger to fetuses, children and wildlife. Contact: Andy Buchsbaum (734.769.3351)

  • Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund$50,000Cincinnati, Ohio
    Now in its fourth year, the Ohio Pollution Prevention Campaign will continue to organize communities, provide information and assist in the negotiation of “good neighbor” agreements with industrial facilities for the voluntary reduction of toxic emissions. Contact: Sandy Buchanan (216.861.5200 or

  • Ohio Environmental Council$160,000
    over 2 years
    Columbus, Ohio
    OEC’s program encompasses education, policy and technical assistance to groups in Ohio on water and air quality, utility deregulation, energy efficiency, watershed protection, and industrial farms. In 2003, OEC will institute its “green papers” and “green teams” program to better educate legislators on environmental issues. General support. Contact: Vicki Deisner (614.487.7506)

  • St. Clair-Superior Coalition$40,000Cleveland, Ohio
    SCSC is a Cleveland neighborhood-based organization. This grant will assist them in addressing an array of local environmental quality issues including local toxics sources. Contact: Diane Swander (216.881.0644)

2003 Environment » Smart Growth

  • Center for Resource Economics$25,000Washington, DC
    IP will conduct a pilot book release/media/policymaker education program in Cleveland in conjunction with publication of new books on smart growth. Contact: Chuck Savitt (202.232.7933)

  • Collins Center for Public Policy, Inc.$7,500Miami, Florida
    For the Funder’s Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities. Contact: Ben Starrett (305.667.6350 or

  • Collins Center for Public Policy, Inc.$7,500Miami, Florida
    To assemble and summarize The Funder’s Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities’ set of Translations Papers that relates smart growth to other foundation program grantmaking areas. Contact: Ben Starrett (305.377.4484)

  • Commission on Catholic Community Action$1,000Cleveland, Ohio
    To support a presentation on land stewardship to faith-based landholders. Contact: Len Calabrese (216.696.6525 x 306)

  • Cuyahoga Countryside Conservancy$40,000Peninsula, Ohio
    This program is developing new sustainable agriculture farmsteads in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In 2002, four farmsteads were restored and made available, and plans include offering five more in 2003. Contact: Darwin Kelsey (330.657.2532)

  • Cuyahoga County Planning Commission$6,000Cleveland, Ohio
    To assist a consultancy with the Rocky Mountain Institute on the Cuyahoga Valley Initiative to develop a sustainable industry/ecosystem model for the Cuyahoga Valley. Contact: Paul Alsenas (216.443.3700)

  • EcoCity Cleveland$240,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    ECC will initiate, on behalf of and in partnership with Downtown Ohio/Heritage Ohio in Columbus and the Smart Growth Coalition of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, a statewide smart growth coalition entitled Greater Ohio. This coalition will organize, educate and advance state policy options for smart growth. Contact: David Beach (202.662.1881 or

  • EcoCity Cleveland$65,000Cleveland, Ohio
    ECC’s broad agenda includes regional open space planning, watershed restoration, the Cleveland EcoVillage, transportation planning and policy reform, Green Building Coalition, lakefront planning, as well as a variety of public education activities to promote a sustainable Cleveland bioregion. General support. Contact: David Beach (216.932.3007)

  • EcoCity Cleveland$7,500Cleveland, Ohio
    Planning for a statewide Ohio Smart Growth Network. Contact: David Beach (216.961.5020)

  • Ecological Design Innovation Center$35,000Oberlin, Ohio
    EDIC will coordinate the Northern Ohio Foodshed Network to link local farms with consumers, markets and restrurants. Contact: Brad Masi (440.775.8409 or

  • The Environmental and Energy Study Institute$40,000Washington, DC
    EESI conducts congressional education on energy policy to promote renewables and efficiency incentives, biomass fuels, and green schools. Its smart growth focus is to integrate energy policy and land use policy, improve linkages between smart growth, urban design, energy efficiency and green building design, and identify best practices at the community level. Contact: Carol Werner (202.662.1881 or

  • Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission$7,500Columbus, Ohio
    For policymaker education on smart growth as part of Ohio House Subcommittee on Growth and Land Use. Contact: Kimberly Gibson (614.233.4168 or

  • Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers$7,200Columbus, Ohio
    Multimodal transportation feasibility study of air-rail linkages in Ohio. Contact: Ken Prendergast (216.529.7688)

  • Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers$25,000Columbus, Ohio
    OARP will lead expansion of Ohio Mobility Partners, a statewide coalition of organizations and individuals working on transportation reform in Ohio. Funds will assist hiring of OARP’s first full-time staff person. Contact: Ken Prendergast (216.529.7677 or

  • Rails to Trails Conservancy$45,000
    over 2 years
    Washington, DC
    There are 600 miles of trails in Ohio, and another 1,600 in planning and development stages. RTC Ohio provides technical assistance, education and policy assistance on trail development statewide. A portion of this grant will provide travel scholarships to enable trail advocates from Ohio to attend the national rally in 2003. Operating support. Contact: Rhonda Border-Boose (614.428.4320)

  • Scenic America$1,000Washington, DC
    Scenic America is the national organization dedicated to scenic conservation. For publication and distribution of “Scenic Easements: Protecting Landscapes of America the Beautiful.” Contact: Meg Maguire (202.543.6200 or

  • Smart Growth America$50,000Washington, DC
    SGA provides leadership at the national level for a broad coalition of organizations promoting smart growth, including coalition building, policy development, research, communications and leadership development. General support; a portion of this grant will support a national strategy retreat in 2004. Contact: Don Chen (202.207.3355 or

  • Smart Growth America$7,500Washington, DC
    Smart Growth America is the national umbrella for smart growth advocates. For development of an opposition research and communications program. Contact: Don Chen (202.207.3355 or

  • Surface Transportation Policy Project$50,000Washington, DC
    STPP will support re-authorization of the federal T-3 transportation bill, advocating for protection of the environment and alternative transportation modes. Contact: Anne Canby (202.466.2636)

  • Western Reserve RC&D, Inc.$49,875Painesville, Ohio
    The Center for Farmland Preservation serves Northeast Ohio with technical information and assistance to help slow the rate of farmland loss. This year the CFP plans to conduct educational awareness activities, and convene a group to develop a master plan for farmland conservation in Northeast Ohio. Contact: John Niedzialek (440.350.2730)

  • Western Reserve RC&D, Inc.$60,000Painesville, Ohio
    The Countryside Program assists townships in developing conservation development zoning ordinances for residential development that protects natural features. Additionally, TCP assists landowners in conservation development of their properties. Contact: Kirby Date (216.295.0511)

  • Western Reserve RC&D, Inc.$6,800Painesville, Ohio
    The WRRCandD is the home to both the Countryside Program and the Center for Farmland Preservation. This grant is for strategic planning to support these programs. Contact: Kirby Date (216.295.0511 or or contact Amalie Lipstreau (330.657.2355 or

2003 Environment » Special Programs

  • Heartwood, Incorporated$25,000Bloomington, Indiana
    HW serves as an umbrella for 56 forest protection organizations in 18 Midwest states. Its Forest Watch program provides technical and leadership development assistance, and information and coordination for campaigns to protect forests on public lands. General support. Contact: Joanna Gras (812.337.8898)

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2003 Human Services » Emerging Needs

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2003 Human Services » Reproductive Health

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2003 Special Commitments » Philanthropic Services

2003 Special Commitments » RP Research