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2000 Environment » Conservation of Natural Systems and Biodiversity

  • Alaska Conservation Foundation$50,000
    over 2 years
    Anchorage, Alaska
    ACF is a leader in assisting grassroots organizations with environmental protection and conservation in Alaska. General support. Contact: Deborah Williams (907.276.1917)

  • American Rivers, Inc.$25,000Washington, DC
    AR will research and publish a book on “river friendly development”-strategies, techniques and case studies on urban river economic development that also maintains or restores the river’s ecological integrity. Contact: Betsy Otto (202.544.5200)

  • Bat Conservation International, Inc.$25,000Austin, Texas
    BCI’s Great Lakes Bat Conservation Initiative will identify abandoned and inactive mine sites for the installation of bat-friendly safety gates to conserve wild populations that are using these mines for roosting. Contact: Merlin Tuttle (512.327.9721)

  • Buckeye Forest Council, Inc.$27,000Columbus, Ohio
    BFC is a state leader in Ohio on forest conservation on public lands. Its Coalfield Citizen’s Organizing Project addresses impacts of mining operations in rural areas. General support. Contact: Jason Tockman (740.594.6400)

  • Buckeye Forest Council, Inc.$35,000Columbus, Ohio
    BFC serves as the statewide advocate for forest protection in Ohio. The Ohio Forest Heritage Campaign will advocate for biodiversity protection zones in four state forests in Ohio. This is a partnership with the Ohio Environmental Council and Heartwood. Contact: Jason Tockman (740.594.6400)

  • Chagrin River Land Conservancy$65,000Novelty, Ohio
    This two-part grant will assist CRLC’s development of new land conservation tools and exploration of a regional compact of land trusts to provide technical assistance to the 17 land trusts in Northeast Ohio. Contact: Rich Cochran (440.729.9621)

  • Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc.$46,000
    over 2 years
    Willoughby, Ohio
    CRWP serves 27 municipalities encompassing 75% of the Chagrin River watershed in Northeast Ohio. It provides technical assistance and coordination on the protection of the watershed including nonpoint runoff, riparian buffer zone creation and mismanagement. Contact: Tom Denbow (440.975.3870)

  • Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc.$1,000Willoughby, Ohio
    For a workshop on low impact development design and watershed protection. Contact: Thomas Denbow (440.975.3870)

  • Coast Alliance$20,000Washington, DC
    CA provides federal policy input and technical assistance to local organizations on coastline protection and contaminated sediments cleanup. This grant will enable CA to assist groups in Ohio, and develop activities around the Coastal Zone 2001 conference to be held in Cleveland in July 2001. Contact: Jackie Savitz (202.546.9554)

  • Consultative Group on Biological Diversity Inc.$4,000San Francisco, California
    Annual support. CGBD provides research and organizing assistance to grantmakers focused on biodiversity and forest systems, marine systems, and health. Contact: Lynn Lohr (415.561.6575)

  • Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization$40,000Cleveland, Ohio
    The CRCPO provides planning assistance and a forum for discussing issues impacting the Cuyahoga River. A portion of this operating grant is offered as a match grant to stimulate support from new sources. Contact: Kay Carlson (216.241.2414 x253)

  • Environmental Law Institute$5,000Washington, DC
    For a national meeting of the leaders of state biodiversity conservation programs. Contact: Jessica Wilkinson (609.818.0518)

  • Environmental Law Institute$35,000Washington, DC
    There are over 4,500 nonindigenous species in the US. ELI will conduct a state-by-state analysis of laws and policies used to protect against invasive species, highlight successful programs, and recommend model policies and programs. Contact: Jim McElfish (202.939.3840)

  • Great Lakes United$43,000Amherst, New York
    GLU’s Habitat and Biodiversity Task Force continues to coordinate grassroots groups around the region working on issues such as fisheries, forests, exotic species, wetlands preservation, and contaminated fish. Contact: Margaret Wooster (716.886.0142)

  • The Headwaters Charitable Trust AG$7,500DuBois, Pennsylvania
    For technical assistance and training on SmartWood certification for two private forests in Ohio. Contact: Eric Carlson (814.375.1372)

  • Heartwood, Incorporated$35,000Bloomington, Indiana
    The Appalachian Restoration Campaign is mapping large scale conservation regions in southeast Ohio, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania. 1999 successes include a habitat suitability analysis for the eastern Cougar. Contact: Alison Cochran (812.337.8898)

  • Native Forest Council, Inc.$5,000Eugene, Oregon
    For grassroots organizing, media and coalition building on the protection of Wayne National Forest. Contact Tim Hermach (541.688.2600)

  • Nature Conservancy$130,000
    over 2 years
    Arlington, Virginia
    TNC has identified seven high priority sites for conservation in the Western Allegheny Plateau Ecoregion that comprises southeastern Ohio, western West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania. This grant will assist planning for conservation of these sites. Contact: David Weekes (614.717.2770)

  • New York Rivers United$50,000Rome, New York
    The National Hydropower Coalition’s work in the Great Lakes region addresses the relicensing of hydropower dams and negotiates for their reduced impact on the environment, especially aquatic biodiversity. Contact: Bruce Carpernter (315.339.2097)

  • The North Cuyahoga Valley Corridor, Inc.$10,000Cleveland, Ohio
    The West Creek Preservation Committee will develop a greenway plan to protect 420 acres of riparian corridor in four municipalities. Contact: Dave Vasarhelyi (330.468.6461)

  • The Northeast-Midwest Institute$40,000Washington, DC
    The Northern Forests campaign will examine United States Forest Service funding allocations for Region Nine in the Great Lakes/Midwest and recommend new, more appropriate funding formulas for forest management. Contact: Allegra Cangelosi (202.544.5200)

  • Rivers Unlimited$40,000Cincinnati, Ohio
    RU’s Ohio Natural Heritage River System program will help assist as many as 100 local river protection groups in Ohio. Contact: Charlie Wallner (513.761.4003)

  • Rural Action, Inc.$43,000Trimble, Ohio
    The Sustainable Forest Economies Project will research, promote, and provide technical assistance to landowners on growing medicinal herbs on private forest land in Southeastern Ohio. Contact: Colin Donohue (740.767.4938)

  • Shaker Lakes Regional Nature Center$60,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    SLNC ‘s ongoing program to protect the Doan Brook watershed includes public education, advocacy for low impact flood control measures, management of nonpoint runoff, and restoration of native species. Contact: Nancy King Smith (216.321.5935)

  • Slavic Village Development$6,000Cleveland, Ohio
    For a wetlands delineation study for the conservation of West Creek in Cleveland. Contact Bobbi Reichtell (216.429.1182)

  • Trust for Public Land$72,000San Francisco, California
    This two-part grant will provide operating support for TPL’s Northeast Ohio office, and assist with a public opinion poll on open space preservation on behalf of the Northeastern Ohio Regional Parks Consortium, a convening of the eight-county park districts for the purpose of planning a regional greenbelt around Cleveland. Contact: Chris Knopf (216.928.7518)

  • Water Watch of Oregon$50,000
    over 2 years
    Portland, Oregon
    WW promotes sound water policies and leads protection of instream flows in Oregon. General support. Contact: Reed Benson (503.295.4039)

2000 Environment » Environmental Journalism/Public Education

  • The Center for Commercial-Free Public Education$3,000Oakland, California
    For a Ohio educators travel to a national meeting of leaders working on opposing the “backlash” against environmental education in schools. Contact: Dylan Bernstein (510.268.1100)

  • Citizens Policy Center$60,000Cleveland, Ohio
    The CPC’s Ohio Open Secrets Project database and journalist training monitors and analyses campaign contributions records. Plans for 2000 include reports on contributions and voting on environmental issues such as emission permits, forest destruction, urban sprawl, environmental enforcement, and water pollution. Contact: Sandy Buchanan (216.861.5200)

  • National Park Foundation$25,000Washington, DC
    As part of a 14-part PBS series on American Heritage Rivers, America’s River Communities will produce a one-hour documentary on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland. Contact: Len Materman (650.598.9838)

  • Nature Conservancy$7,500Arlington, Virginia
    For public education programs. Contact David Weekes (614.717.2700)

  • The Society of Environmental Journalists Inc.$21,120Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
    In 2000 SEJ’s Ohio chapter will conduct two statewide workshops, provide fellowships for Ohio journalists to attend the national conference, and support interns. Contact: Beth Parke (215.836.9970)

2000 Environment » Green Buildings, Sustainable Business and Renewable Energy

  • EcoCity Cleveland$46,354Cleveland, Ohio
    As part of the EcoVillage Project in Cleveland, ECC will provide technical assistance to development of a 20-unit “green” townhome project in an inner-city neighborhood. Contact: David Beach (216.932.3007)

  • Oberlin College$50,000Oberlin, Ohio
    This grant will support an ecological design speaker series, intensive workshops for building professionals and the activities of the Green Building Coalition in Cleveland. Contact: Sadhu Johnston (216.939.7998)

  • Ohio City Near West Development Corporation$50,000Cleveland, Ohio
    Planning grant for the Cleveland Environment Center-a rehabbed green office building that will enhance capacity building by providing below-market rate shared office space for nonprofit environmental organizations in Cleveland. Contact: John Wilbur (216.781.3222)

2000 Environment » Nonprofit Capacity Building

  • Center for Environmental Citizenship$20,000Washington, DC
    CEC provides training to college students, on campus organizing, voter registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns on environmental issues. This grant will support CEC’s student leadership training activities in Ohio. Contact: Susan Comfort (202.234.5990)

  • Chicago Recycling Coalition$2,500Chicago, Illinois
    Leadership development training for executive directors of Great Lakes-based environmental nonprofits. Contact: Mehrdad Azemum (773.862.2370)

  • Environmental Career Organization, Inc.$5,000Boston, Massachusetts
    For survey, research and writing of a revised book on career and employment opportunities in the environmental sector. Contact: Kevin Doyle (617.426.4375)

  • Environmental Fund for Ohio$45,000Columbus, Ohio
    EFO now has 27 environmental organization members, and raises funds from 55 workplaces statewide. General support. Contact: Paul Bingle (614.263.6367)

  • Environmental Support Center, Inc.$20,000Washington, DC
    ESC hosts the State Environmental Leadership Project-a convening of the state environmental councils across the US. This grant will assist leadership development training for these leaders. Contact: Jim Abernathy (202.966.9834)

  • Environmental Support Center, Inc.$30,000Washington, DC
    ESC will continue to provide organizational management assistance and small grants to grassroots environmental groups in the Great Lakes/Midwest region. Contact: Jim Abernathy (202.331.9700)

  • Great Lakes United$4,000Amherst, New York
    For a strategy meeting on biodiversity conservation for Great Lakes activities.Contact: Margaret Wooster (716.886.0142)

  • Institute for Conservation Leadership$100,000
    over 2 years
    Takoma Park, Maryland
    ICL’s Great Lakes Leadership Development Program will provide organizational management and leadership training to executive directors of environmental organizations throughout the region. Contact: Dianne Russell (301.270.2900)

  • Land Trust Alliance, Inc.$50,000Washington, DC
    LTA’s new Midwest office will provide leadership development training, consulting assistance and capacity-building grants to land trusts in Ohio. Contact: Jean Hocker (202.638.4725)

  • League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, Inc.$50,000Washington, DC
    LCVEF will continue its list enhancement project that now has 30 national, state and local nonprofits in Ohio contributing over 300,000 member names. The Sustainable Ohio Action Partnership project is organizing volunteers for rapid response on legislative issues. Contact: Marnie Urso (216.371.6187)

  • National Audubon Society$50,000New York, New York
    NAS Ohio and the Environmental Education Council of Ohio is leading a coalition to strengthen the state’s environmental education community to advocate for improved environmental education and oppose potential attacks by the anti-environmental education forces. Contact: Steve Sedam (614.224.3303)

  • Ohio League of Conservation Voters Education Fund$6,000Columbus, Ohio
    For initial facilitation of an environmental community dialogue and position on Ohio’s $400 million greenspace/brownfields bond issue. Contact: Cathy Allen (614.481.0512)

  • Ohio League of Conservation Voters Education Fund$50,000Columbus, Ohio
    OLCVEF will facilitate community dialogue and position on Ohio’s $400 million greenspace/brownfields bond issue. They will also organize an annual legislative summit for the environmental community. Contact: Cathy Allen (614.481.0512)

  • River Network$45,000Portland, Oregon
    The 2001 National River Rally will bring together over 250 river activists from around the country. A portion of this grant will aid development of the Resource Center-a technical information resource for local river protection groups. Contact: Ken Margolis (503.241.3506)

  • Scenic America$20,000Washington, DC
    Leadership training and technical assistance for six state level scenic consortium organizations in the Midwest. Contact: Meg Maguire (202.543.6200)

  • Sustainable Energy for Economic Development$7,273Brecksville, Ohio
    Transition costs of a merger with the Ohio Renewable Energy Organization to form Green Energy Ohio, a statewide organization to promote alternative energy options. Contact: Carol Sahley (440.526.9941)

2000 Environment » Protection of Human Health

  • Buckeye Environmental Network$25,000Grove City, Ohio
    BEN is a statewide technical and organizing assistance entity working with communities facing toxic hazards. Its Environmental Justice for All program is assisting environmental justice groups in Ohio. Contact: Teresa Mills (740.594.6400)

  • Case Western Reserve University$7,500Cleveland, Ohio
    For planning and startup of the Northeast Ohio Sustainable Business Council. Contact: Lisa Hong (216.932.8056)

  • Center for Health Environment and Justice$50,000Falls Church, Virginia
    CHEJ will continue to advance work to eliminate dioxin in the Great Lakes region by providing technical information, organizing assistance and policy support to local groups. Contact: Lois Gibbs (703.237.2249)

  • The Center for Independent Documentary, Inc.$5,000Sharon, Massachusetts
    The documentary film Blue Vinyl will show the impacts of polyvinyl chloride production on workers and families near plants. Contact: Susan Walsh (508.528.7279)

  • Citizens Policy Center$135,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    CPC’s Ohio Pollution Prevention Campaign negotiates “good neighbor” agreements between polluting facilities and local citizens to reduce health impacts of emissions in the air, water and land. Contact: Sandy Buchanan (216.861.5200)

  • The Clean Air Conservancy$60,000Cleveland, Ohio
    In this pilot project CAC will place 50 citizen operated ozone monitors around Cleveland to track local ozone levels for educational, health risk monitoring and policy purposes. Contact: Kevin Snape (216.932.8999)

  • Earth Day Coalition$110,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    EDC provides a range of education, technical assistance and advocacy to inner-city neighborhoods via four major programs: EarthFest, Sustainable Cleveland Partnership, Student Environmental Congress, and the Clean Cities program. General support. Contact: Chris Trepal/Scott Sanders (216.281.6468)

  • Environmental Defense, Incorporated$15,000New York, New York
    EDI’s Pollution Prevention Alliance will provide technical assistance to the Clean Air Conservancy’s program to place ozone monitors in neighborhoods throughout Cleveland for the purpose of tracking local ozone levels and providing hazard warnings to those with respiratory disorders. Contact: Kevin Mills (202.387.3500)

  • Environmental Health Watch Inc.$110,000
    over 2 years
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Cleveland-based EHW provides technical and informational assistance on indoor health hazards, household pesticide reduction and Chemical Accident Prevention. General support. Contact: Stuart Greenberg (216.961.4646)

  • The Greene Environmental Coalition, Inc.$15,000Yellow Springs, Ohio
    GEC will research, conduct public awareness efforts, organize citizen input and advocate for cleanup plans for contaminated sites in Ohio, of which there are over 1,250. Contact: Bruce Cornett (937.767.2109)

  • National Wildlife Federation$45,000Reston, Virginia
    The Clean the Rain, Clean the Lakes program will monitor mercury in rainwater in Ohio and advocate for reduction in toxic metal contamination from airborne sources. Contact: Tim Eder (734.769.3351)

  • Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.$7,500New York, New York
    For the Clean Air Network. Contact: Jayne Mardock (202.289.2429)

  • Ohio Environmental Council$64,000Columbus, Ohio
    General support. OEC will continue work on clean air, water quality, watershed protection, pollution prevention, as well as other legislative affairs, and community outreach and technical assistance to groups around the state. Contact: Vicki Deisner (614.487.7506)

  • Rivers Unlimited$60,000Cincinnati, Ohio
    The Environmental Enforcement Project is a partnership of RU, Citizens Policy Center, Ohio PIRG and Sierra Club in documenting and organizing citizen input to the US EPA’s review of Ohio EPA’s enforcement record. This is the largest review of a state level EPA that US EPA has ever conducted. Contact: Marilyn Wall (513.761.4003)

  • Safe Energy Communication Council$30,000Washington, DC
    SECC will continue to coordinate and provide media support to a coalition of environmental groups working to ensure that electric utility deregulation in Ohio includes protection of the environment. Contact: Scott Denman (202.483.8491)

  • The Sierra Club Foundation$30,000San Francisco, California
    SC staff will provide technical and organizing assistance to local citizen groups in Northeast Ohio on reviewing and monitoring compliance and, if necessary, appealing air emission permits given to industrial polluters. Contact: Glenn Landers (216.791.9110)

  • Sisters of St. Joseph$18,000Cleveland, Ohio
    SSJ is one of two religious orders in the U.S. committed to operating an Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) fleet. This grant will assist in the purchase of a natural gas refueling station. Contact: Mary Schrader (216.252.0440)

  • St. Clair-Superior Coalition$25,000Cleveland, Ohio
    Environmental Issues Organizing Project.

  • Sustainable Energy for Economic Development$30,000Brecksville, Ohio
    Green Power programs.

  • Westside Industrial Retention & Expansion Network$15,000Cleveland, Ohio
    WIRE-Net will provide technical assistance on environmental compliance for small manufacturers on the West Side of Cleveland. Contact: Holly Harlan (216.631.7330)

2000 Environment » Smart Growth

  • American Farmland Trust$70,000
    over 2 years
    Washington, DC
    AFT’s Ohio office is providing technical and policy assistance on the state bond issue, coordination of county-level farmland preservation plans and assisting implementation of a statewide farmland conservation easement program. Contact: Jill Bukovac (614.469.9877)

  • Center for Resource Economics$35,000Washington, DC
    Island Press will, in conjunction with The Conservation Fund, research and publish a book “American Land Conservation in a New Century: States Take the Initiative” that will focus on assembling models and information on public finance of land conservation at local, regional, state and federal levels. Contact: Chuck Savitt (202.232.7933)

  • Cuyahoga Countryside Conservancy$50,000Peninsula, Ohio
    This program is developing new farmsteads in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park that will encourage sustainable agriculture. Contact: Darwin Kelsey (330.657.2532)

  • Cuyahoga County Planning Commission$25,000Cleveland, Ohio
    This grant will assist detailed design and cost analysis for the final 4.5-mile extension of the Cuyahoga Canal Corridor Towpath Trail north to Lake Erie. Contact: Paul Alsenas (216.443.3700)

  • Earth Day Coalition$7,475Cleveland, Ohio
    EDC will promote the “Rack and Roll” pilot program to place bike racks on transit system buses in Cleveland. Contact: Ryan McKenzie (216.281.1827)

  • EcoCity Cleveland$65,000Cleveland, Ohio
    ECC is a regional leader on urban sprawl/smart growth, transportation and other sustainability issues. The EcoCity Cleveland Journal serves as a chronicle for the bioregion, and the Cleveland Bioregional Plan is a visionary document for curbing sprawl and protecting greenspace. Contact: David Beach (216.932.3007)

  • EcoCity Cleveland$15,000Cleveland, Ohio
    The Sustainable Communities Symposia 2000 drew over 350 participants and generated a set of objectives and activities for a more sustainable Cleveland region. Continuing support will assist coordination of the SCS task forces. Contact: David Beach (216.932.3007)

  • The Environmental and Energy Study Institute$40,000Washington, DC
    EESI conducts congressional education on smart growth and energy policy. Contact: Carol Werner (202.974.5133)

  • Essential Information$7,500Washington, DC
    For the Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse national information service on sprawl and smart growth. Contact: Alison Smiley

  • Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers$5,000Columbus, Ohio
    For a public opinion survey on rail service. Contact: Dominic Liberatore (216.283.0200)

  • Ohio Parklands Foundation$60,000Westerville, Ohio
    The Ohio Greenways project is providing statewide mapping, technical assistance and advocacy for greenways development across the state. Contact: Elaine Marsh (216.657.2055)

  • Ohio to Erie Trail Fund$7,500Columbus, Ohio
    For development of the statewide trail. Contact: Ed Honton (614.402.5078)

  • Surface Transportation Policy Project$30,000Washington, DC
    STPP is serving as coordinator for the National Smart Growth Coalition, a 19+ assembly of organizations seeking to advance smart growth policy and assist in developing state level policy. Contact: Roy Kienitz (202.466.2636)

  • Townscape Institute$5,000Cambridge, Massachusetts
    The Corporate Visual Responsibility Initiative seeks commitments for oil companies and fast food companies to adopt policies that moderate their visual advertising in “gateway” areas adjacent to historic and scenic sites. Contact: Ronald Fleming (617.491.8952)

  • Western Reserve RC&D, Inc.$47,700Painesville, Ohio
    The Countryside Program provides education and technical assistance on conservation development, a tool for mitigating urban sprawl in residential developments. The program now has assisted 28 counties and communities around Northeast Ohio in drafting conservation development zoning ordinances. Contact: Kirby Date (216.691.1665)

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